I’VE spent some time this Summer making repeated excursions to the forests & bomb-cratered beaches of Eastern Mecklenburg on Germany’s Baltic coast, ostensibly researching material for some new paintings & looking–with some success–for ghosts. Given the absence of much in the way of roads, shops, hotels or any other human habitation, I found myself using a simple 2M X 3M camouflage tarpaulin as an improvised shelter.

I’ve never intentionally slept outdoors since the mid-seventies & have always hated the idea. But what freedom it affords you! Stick this thing over a pole or branch, get in, lie down, listen to the night, rise (very!) early, move on…..

Only thing is, now I’m back in my studio trying to collate & make sense of what I’ve got, I find this tarpaulin exerting some sort of Talismanic hold over me. Much as Wagner couldn’t compose without first donning his satin slippers & velvet smoking jacket so I am finding it difficult to be parted from this & other accoutrements of my adventures.

Painting in Progress, 1st Stage–27th August 2017.

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