post BONKBUSTER Oil on canvas 32x26 inches JAMES McDONALD 2015
“BONKBUSTER”. Oil on Canvas, 32″X26″ 2015.



CRASH final version JAMES McDONALD Acrylic on Paper 12x10 inches 2015 post
“CRASH”. Acrylic on Board, 12″X10″ 2015. Private Collection UK.
RECOLLECTION. Oil on Canvas, 36″X36″ 2010-Private Collection UK.
“LA BELLE AU BOIS DORMANT”. Oil on Canvas 36″X30″ 2010-2011– Private Collection UK.



P SEA AIRS 10x8 inches Acrylic on Panel JAMES McDONALD 2016
“SEA AIRS”. Acrylic on Panel, 10″X8″ 2016.


“MUM MAKING SOUP”. Oil on Panel. Private Collection UK.


P Self Portrait with Portable Typewriter Oil on Panel 12 x 10 inches 2014
“SELF-PORTRAIT WITH TYPEWRITER”. Oil on Panel, 12″X10″ 2014. Private Collection UK.
P PORTEAIT of GLYN HARPER oil on panel 18x15 2009
“PORTRAIT Of GD HARPER” Oil on Panel,18″X15″ 2011. Collection of the Author.